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High Tech Needs for High Touch in Program Delivery, VCI Signature Series Monographs, Catanzaro, 2018

High Tech Needs for High Touch in Program Delivery, VCI Signature Series Monographs, Catanzaro, 2018

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This Signature Series title will be sent to you via email as a zipped (compressed) file of approximately 2-4 megabytes in size. It will include the main document in PDF format (*.pdf), and 10-20 Tool Kit supporting documents in Microsoft Word (*.doc), Microsoft Excel (*.xls) and Word Perfect (*.wpd) formats. The email will come from, so ensure that your SPAM filter will not reject or block this email.

If you're the do it yourself kind of person, our management tools are what you're looking for. Our Signature Series® Monographs are detailed explanations and insights into the various management challenges you face every day. Each monograph presents practical and contemporary advice on a particular topic with an emphasis on developing solutions to your problems. All monographs include a Tool Kit in Word/WordPerfect and/or Excel, so you can readily customize them to fit your practice.

Each VCI Signature Series monograph is designed to stand alone, for the 'do it yourself' practice administrator, owner, or even the support a staff member who wants to help. The program development of Veterinary Consulting International consultation services has developed these resources and field tested them in over 2000 practices - they are time proven! Nevertheless, each monograph purchase includes one courtesy e-mail with a consultant from Veterinary Consulting International to discuss questions and/or diskette application considerations.By emailing, the person or practice who purchased the monograph can inform the VCI team of the monograph purchased and an e-mail liaison will be scheduled.

High Tech Needs for High Touch in Program Delivery — In the strict sense, “High Tech” refers to technological advances in the medical field. Typically this brings to mind instrumentation, such as computer-assisted tomography, or CAT scans, and other such equipment. As we look around the veterinary marketplace today we discover a plethora of new technological advances. Instrumentation is undoubtedly a large part of advancing medical science, but to truly take advantage of the “High Tech” approach to veterinary practice, we must look beyond instrumentation. (Tool Kit includes feasibility and realistic assessment of investment planning forms.)