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Search Tips

The Search box, located on all pages in the VIN Bookstore, lets you search for any book in the VIN Bookstore.
Search terms might include:
1. Date, for example: 2014. All books in the store have a publication date.
2. Book ISBN: for example: 93429878123. All books in the store have an ISBN.
3. Text, for example: "internal" or "internal medicine".
4. Author, for example: "Fowler". Author(s) are searchable for all books in the store.
The Category list to the left allows you to select a group of books by Date Published, Publisher, Species, Discipline, etc.

Within each of these main Categories, there may be SubCategories.
Examples: Species > Equine, or Discipline > Dentistry, or When Published > Published in 2013.

When you Search for or select a Category of veterinary books, the results are always presented in reverse chronological order.

Therefore, the most recently published editions or new editions will be at the top of every store page.

On all Search or Category pages there is a Sort By list which contains two sort options:
1. Name (alphabetical, A - Z)
2. Publication Date: Newest to Oldest (the default selection for all pages in the VIN Bookstore)

If you want to see the list of books in alphabetical order, change the default Sort By choice to Name.